The Gloom Spire


The players find themselves shipwrecked on the coast of Old Medegia.

Sailing from the Free City of Irongate on “The Bastion” the ship hits a squall, at night, in the Aerdy Sea. In the midst of the squall the ship is attacked by bizarre looking “salamander men” who swarmed over the sides of the ship and attacked the naval fighting guard. The ship was wrecked and sank. The characters survived with only the memory of green hair before their eyes before they lost consciousness in the water.

Waking on a beach under a full moon and a crescent moon, they found debris of the shipwreck washed ashore with them. Regaining some of their weapons and equipment the survivors were discovered by a local Monk by the name of Alfie. Alfie offered to lead them to the closest town of Two Rivers and the characters decided to use him as their guide to a safe haven.

Along their route they skirted the edge of the Salt Hills and the Borderwoods. There they encountered a small band of Goblins in the midst of a conversation about a conflict with Gnolls. The party defeated them in combat after seeing that the goblins were carrying the severed heads of a halfling male and a human woman. The end of the combat saw Tamdan, a Dwarven Fighter, and Solsha a Half-Elven Druid, scuffling over killing the last goblin before he could be questioned.

Later that night the characters camped at the edge of the Borderwoods only to be visited by a strange looking forest sprite who used magic against them, forcing them to leave camp and continue traveling through the night. At sunrise they finally found the road that approaches Two Rivers from the north.



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